Memorial Park

In and out of public office, Meles Zenawi was a transitional statesman resolved to chart a path leading Ethiopia onto an irreversible departure from pervasive poverty. He was the originator and leader of transformative change that offered forward looking possibilities to find firm foundations for the creation of an inclusive union among a diversity of free and equal self-governing nations, nationalities and peoples. His efforts opened new public spaces enabling popular deliberation, participation, and concerted public action by ordinary, particularly rural, citizens.

More generally, Meles urged that we must find release from received institutional arrangements and orthodoxies that lead to 'deadends' in order to embark Africa's resurgence on the strength of finding fresh solutions to the continents challenges as defined by African's themselves. He was the continents spokesperson, and an advocate for the claims of the poorest communities, over the urgent matter of climate change.

The Meles Zenawi Memorial Park was commissioned in order to advance these commitments through the realization of a green civic space that channels contemporary energies towards enduring public values.